Welcome to our everest-exchange website

The agreement specifies the terms of use for everest-exchange services, the use of everest-exchange services implies the user's complete agreement to the specified agreement. In the event that this agreement is not accepted, the user may not benefit from the website's services.

The following terms are considered the relationship and valid between the customer and everest-exchange.com. By creating a buy and sell order on everest-exchange.com, the customer agrees to all of the terms and policies listed below.

The customer can make transfers without the need to register on the site, but this will not be in his favor because if he is a member of the site, he must first log in to get the discount opportunity that we set on the discounts page

The referral system and profit from it is limited only to site members and not to visitors who make transfers without logging into the site

Prices and fees

By trading at everest-exchange.com, you agree that the prices quoted are only estimates and that the actual price that you will receive in buying or selling will be the actual cryptocurrency market price at the time the transaction is completed.

everest-exchange.com takes a small percentage fee on each transaction that allows the service to continue operating.

everest-exchange.com is not responsible for the fees charged by the recipient bank, digital currency or platform from which you may receive a lower amount affected by your website fees, we are only responsible for the amount that we send from our platforms and accounts only.

Liability limits

everest-exchange.com is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, loss of profits or income, or any other damage towards the user or a third party that may arise from incorrect or missing information on the site. This includes downtime that may happen to everest-exchange.com or corrupted data that may appear on the website for technical reasons. everest-exchange.com is not responsible for the correctness of any information provided to the company by third parties.

In the event of any problem or delay in transfers, you must contact the administration through several methods, whether the site’s support is from within your account via a support ticket or through our Facebook page or through the Contact Us page

Certain postponements

If everest-exchange.com needs to investigate or resolve any dispute related to your account, we may delay settling or restrict access to your funds pending our investigation. Due to our compliance obligations as a regulated financial institution, we may also delay settlement or restrict access to your funds if required by law, court order, or law enforcement request.

Blockchain network congestion

The blockchain network can sometimes experience high-load traffic resulting in much higher transaction fees and longer confirmation times. Given that the transaction may fail or may be significantly delayed on the blockchain network outside our control, everest-exchange.com will not be held responsible for any failures, disruptions, errors, distortions or delays that you may encounter when using the services during these occasions. The sums that are sent are required for the member to send them in full, because while deducting anything, the balance will not reach our wallets, and the amount will be suspended, and therefore you will be committed to what you send if you do not send the amount as you wrote in the transfer process.

Availability of services

everest-exchange.com does not indicate that the site will be available 100% of the time. We will strive to provide you with services as possible, promptly, and within the stated processing times, but there are no guarantees that access will not be interrupted, or that there will be no delay, failure, errors, omission or loss of the information sent.

Forbidden things

- It is forbidden to use our platform's name in illegal ways in any social media platform or anywhere

It is forbidden to use your own affiliate link for yourself to get an additional profit bonus

- It is prohibited to use the site in any illegal operations or methods

- The use of our website logo is prohibited

It is forbidden to speak on behalf of our site

It is forbidden to create any review or video of the site except with the knowledge of the administration and permission from our support

It is forbidden to create more than one account or you will be banned and not to send a commission

Processing time for transfer request

- The specified time for payment is 60 minutes from the moment of the transfer request, otherwise the request will be canceled automatically

- The processing time for transfer requests is from 1 minute to 1 hour as a maximum estimate, according to your role in the audit.

- The processing time for transfer requests may be delayed more than the predetermined period due to a malfunction in the connection to the Internet or a malfunction in an electronic or digital bank, which is outside the control of the site management, so it will be processed in this case at any time or is delayed processing it to The next day.

- As for the period of processing amounts with large balances, it may be processed within 24 hours, so that the required balance is required to be reserved in advance.
- If the amount to be transferred is equal to or more than the value of $ 3,000, then the processing time is between 3 to 7 days.
Site opening times:

The site operates from Saturday to Thursday, starting at 10 am to 10 pm Cairo time.
On Friday, Starting at 12 pm to 12 am Cairo time

We have all rights to change terms without prior notice to users.